Supersight data protection principles

Privacy notice

The confidentiality of personal data and communications as well as protection of customers’ privacy are important basic values in all our operations. We observe legislation, authorities’ provisions and good data processing practice in processing the data of our customers, employees and partners as well as other stakeholders.

At Supersight, we abide with a high level of data protection. We process your personal data only for appropriate purposes defined in advance and only when it is necessary.

We protect our service with technically appropriate measures and train our personnel regularly in principles related to data processing.

We have compiled the most significant principles regarding data protection in this privacy notice, which we abide with in order to ensure privacy and the confidentiality of communications. This privacy notice applies to all processing of personal data related to our services.

We check regularly that our data protection principles are up-to-date and update them when needed.

We take a high data protection level into account in all our operations: we process data in a confidential manner. We ensure this by using appropriate technology and data security solutions and ensuring the confidentiality of the data with administrative measures.

What data do we collect?

Why do we collect your personal data?

In order to agree on the delivery of services and tasks requested by you prior of agreeing, we require sufficient information about you. We may also require your social security number in order to identify you for e.g. invoicing purposes. We need your contact information in order to communicate with you and e.g. to inform you of changes in services.

In addition, some of our services require providing different kinds of data based on which we can identify you individually and improve the service to be suitable for you.

Personal data to be processed

We process appropriate and necessary personal data. Such data include identification data, contact information, information related to your customer relationship and the use of services.

Cookies and other network tracking technologies

Modern websites and services use technology known as cookies that we use on our website. Cookies are small, user-specific text files that are saved on your browser. The server may later read the cookie installed on your browser and in this manner your browser may be identified as having visited our site previously. In this manner, you will get the best possible user experience on our website.

With the help of cookies, we may collect data e.g. regarding the devices, browser and objects of interest of the users visiting our websites. The collected information can be used also for analytics, improving user experience and targeting marketing both in Supersight’s and our partners’ advertising networks. We aim to provide you with targeted content so that your user experience would be as smooth as possible.

We use both Supersight’s and third-party cookies and other similar network tracking technologies in our services.

You can find the up-to-date list of used cookies and other tracking technologies from our cookie management tool found from Supersight’s website. You can obtain more information on third party cookies and other network tracking technologies from the web pages of the third party in question.

You may give your consent or withdraw your consent to the use of cookies from the cookie management tool found from Supersight’s website. If you do not give consent to the use of non- essential cookies or we may not offer you content, offers or ways to use the service you find interesting you may lose a part of your user experience.Additionally, our website may become slower and the use of some features may be prevented. In this event also our possibilities to develop our services in accordance with your user preferences is hampered, and we cannot provide you with adverts targeted for you on the website.

The retention period for personal data

We retain your personal data only for the necessary time period. The retention period for your personal data varies depending on the service and the nature of the data.

When the retention period for the data has terminated, we dispose of the personal data either by removing them or making them anonymous (i.e. anonymisation of the data in question). For example, we process your customer data for the entire duration of the customer relationship and due to certain legal obligations also for a required period afterwards or, based on our legitimate interest, for direct marketing purposes. On the other hand, the retention period of the data collected in connection with producing the services may be quite short: for example, technical data related to transmitting a phone call may be disposed of already during the call. The data may be backed up and stored to ensure information security. The backups will be erased according to the backup retention cycle.

Data security


Preventing data security breaches and malfunctions

In order to prevent data security breaches and to remove data security malfunctions we take the necessary measures e.g. by preventing reception of e-mails, removing viruses and other malware from the messages and implementing other comparable necessary technical procedures within the limits and obligations imposed by legislation. Sending or receiving such messages may be prevented. We process all personal data breaches in accordance with data protection legislation and when the requirements are fulfilled, we inform such to relevant data protection authorities.

Data Protection Officer


Right to appeal

Please contact us if you wish to make an appeal or present development suggestions about our processing of personal data. You can find the contact information in here