About us

  • Matteo Allaix


    Matteo has developed the unique, 100% privacy-preserving SUPERSIGHT people counting as a service. Matteo received his PhD from Aalto University in 2023 on privacy securing protocols

  • William Hammersley


    William has been responsible for operating new AI and sensor services at Elisa in Finland for years.

  • Oksana Havryliuk

    Artificial Intelligence

    Oksana has created ground-breaking, world's most accurate AI models for people counting on mobile devices. She has graduated from Åbo Akademi University in Turku, Finland and published in Nature (Scientific Reports) - the fifth most cited scientific journal in the world.

  • Kimmo Pentikäinen


    Kimmo has been responsible for AI strategy, production strategy, new 5G services, research and environmental responsibility at Elisa, which ranked among the top ten climate leaders in Europe (2021) by the Financial Times.

    Mobile : +358 50 506 5412

  • Elisa Corporation


    Supersight's technological innovations are the result of several years of research and product development at Elisa Corporation. 

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