Thu 29 February 15:00-18:00

We are located in Hämeentie 29, 6th floor. The dress code is informal. We are strict and formal only regarding data accuracy and privacy. Refreshments and small snacks will be served. After the officewarming party, we will go out for dinner at a nearby restaurant. Please let us know if you can join us and we will make a table reservation for you. (Pizzeria Via Tribunali, Hämeentie 33)

Photo shooting

An important part of the party will be a photo shoot for the development of our computer vision technology. In this way, you can easily help us to develop even better 100% privacy-preserving automation for people counting. We are making a difference, as the built environment accounts for up to 60% of energy emissions and hundreds of billions in unnecessary costs. By celebrating, you can do your part to help fight climate change. It's also fine to come along and celebrate without being photographed. There are two data collection phones in the office room doors, clearly marked in the doorways. Please let us know in advance if you wish not to be recorded and we will make sure that your wish is granted. You can read more details on our training data collection process in here: Computer vision training data collection process


What next?

  1. Indicate whether your photos can be used anonymously in generative AI (optional, read more here)
  2. Let us know if you want to attend the after-party at the pizzeria (everyone pays for their own pizzas, optional)
  3. Show up (Hämeentie 29). You will find the door and buzzer at the place shown in the picture
  4. Enjoy the party!