About us

  • Matteo Allaix


    Together with Oksana, Matteo has created a unique, 100% privacy-preserving SUPERSIGHT technology. Matteo graduated with a PhD from Aalto University in 2023 on new protocols that are data-theoretically secure

  • William Hammersley


    William has developed and launched several AI services that deliver real value to businesses and society at large. William believes that by working together with visionary companies, can unlock new possibilities and create a more sustainable future for all.

  • Oksana Havryliuk

    Chief AI Officer

    Oksana has developed our revolutionary AI models for people counting. She is a cutting-edge machine learning engineer, published in Nature (Scientific Reports), the fifth most cited scientific journal in the world.

  • David Lomas

    Quality Asurance

    David is a lover of technology and DiscGolf, setting up high standards of accuracy testing for our 100% privacy-preserving automation for people counting.

  • Kimmo Pentikäinen


    Mobile +358 50 5065412

    Kimmo is passionate about the potential of AI to create a sustainable future. He has led AI strategy, 5G service development and climate operations at Elisa, which is ranked among the top ten climate leaders in Europe by the Financial Times.

  • Elisa Corporation


    Supersight's technological innovations are the result of several years of research and product development at Elisa Corporation. 

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