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PeopleCounter is 100% privacy preserving automation for people counting. It revolutionises the use of people counting in enterprise processes, which has been expensive and complex. Now people counting for business processes anywhere, anytime 100% anonymously, no GDPR assessment required. Start now with a free trial.

100% privacy-preserving automation for counting people

PeopleCouter is the most accurate indoor people counter, a Finnish high-tech product that revolutionises the way to monitor and optimise space utilisation with the most efficient method on the market for counting the number of people in a space with our AI technology, ensuring complete privacy and a productive environment for all.
More than 20 satisfied customers with our technology, including the City of Turku, City of Helsinki, Pori Jazz, Port of Helsinki, Turku Technology Properties.

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  • Office space utilisation rate calculation

    Find out the actual utilisation rate of your premises or a certain area. Reduce costs and increase the attractiveness of the premises.

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  • Real time occupancy of service areas

    Shows real time the actual number of customers on premises or a certain area (business lounges, event management, catering). The system collects real time data on the flow of people in selected areas.

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With the help of PeopleCounter, a company can achieve significant savings in office space costs. In the example case, our client has a 9,300 m2 office with annual costs of 2.7 million euros. They found that the office is only 30% occupied and are able to increase the occupancy to 70% while reducing the need to rent office space. This means a saving of 1,047,982 euros per year.