Supersight Joins €6 Million Research Project for Privacy-Protected Data Collection and AI-Powered Digital Solutions

Supersight Joins €6 Million Research Project for Privacy-Protected Data Collection and AI-Powered Digital Solutions

Press Release

Helsinki, Finland - 1 February 2024

Supersight is proud to announce its official partnership in a groundbreaking €6 million research project. The project aims to collect 100% privacy-protected data for companies and researchers developing innovative digital solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). These solutions will focus on sustainable smart buildings and streamlining people's daily lives.

The research project is a collaborative effort led by esteemed institutions including the University of Helsinki, University of Lapland, University of Oulu, VTT, KONE, Finavia, and Granlund. The partnership brings together a diverse range of expertise to create smart solutions for cities.

The demand for people flow products and solutions is driven by various everyday factors. These include rapid urban population growth, with 8 billion people leading to constant construction and revitalization of the built environment. Large-scale people movement between cities, with six million people flying per day, is another driving factor. The increase in smart cities, currently at 140 and growing, also contributes to this demand.

Additionally, the uptake of remote working, which comprises at least 22% of the workforce, and the increase in the active aging population calling for safer navigation, projected to reach 1.5 billion people by 2050, further underscore the need for such solutions.

Supersight Ltd is committed to leveraging its expertise to ensure the success of this project. We believe that this partnership will pave the way for groundbreaking advancements in AI-powered digital solutions, all while maintaining the highest standards of data privacy and protection.

For more information about Supersight Ltd and its involvement in the research project, please visit our website or contact us.


About Supersight

Supersight is a leading innovator in AI mobile application solutions. Based in Finland, the company is committed to developing cutting-edge technology that brings privacy-preserving efficiency, ease of everyday life and prevents climate change.


Press Contact: Kimmo Pentikäinen, CEO, +358 50 506 5412

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