Instructions to start the subscription

Practical instructions to start your first subscription!

  1. make sure the location has at least 6Mbps upload speed. You test this with you mobile phone:
  2. you have good location for the installation: 
    1. Registration plate recognition needs to be done 2-15m distance with clear line-of-sight
    2. ideal location for the object tracking is from 30 degrees angle, so slightly above. Distance depends of the object size, but it can be up to 50-80m.


  1. Choose indoor or outdoor housing (where the camera is used)
  2. Choose the algorithm you need
  3. Finish the order

After receiving the package:

  1. Open open the box. It should contain camera, case (indoor or outdoor), screws for the holder and a charging cable
  2. Install the holder to the wanted place
  3. Plug in the charger and the camera powers on automatically
  4. inform us and schedule a meeting. We'll do the rest!

All done! 


Please contact us if any questions!